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05/12/12 01:06 PM #1    


Matt Frank Burnette

Welcome to the Terry Parker High School Class Of 1962 forums. Please press "Post Response" to participate in the discussion.

To begin the discussion, we thought you might want to talk about your overriding emotion the day of graduation, what is something positive you always wanted to tell a classmate that you never got to say and want us all to know also, what was your most embarressing moment at school (yours, not someone elses), was high school mostly a positive or negative experience for you and/or what did you do with the rest of the day after graduation, but feel free to start any line of discussion you wish about today or yesteryears.

08/03/12 05:09 PM #2    


Michael Dickson

I don't recall my overriding emotion on that day, but I imagine it was: Whew! I'm glad that's over with!

09/20/12 12:13 AM #3    


Hazel Bass (Kerr)

Right aftet graduation, I remember thinking "now what"?  I was not accepted to the college i wanted to attend in Virginia.  Looking back, i am glad I wasn't, but at that time I was totally lost and thought that everyone in the world that I knew would be leaving Jax to go to college somewhere else, except for me!  I was not very happy about staying home and living with my parents for another year.  Ugh!  But it worked out okay.

10/07/12 09:05 PM #4    


Gary Jaques

  Graduation day..."I finally made it...damn glad it was over!" Dean Hill's parents took us out to dinner at the Le Chateau at the Beach for graduation.  Spent 4 good years in the US Air Force during Vietnam ('64-'68) and all my enlistment was in Las Vegas, Nevada as a public health medic! During this time I married Sandra, who graduated from TP in '64!  While I was growing up in Arlington my older cousin owned a 1936 Ford pickup. It was my heart's desire to own one, so about 12 years ago I purchased one fully restored...loved it, drove it, enjoyed it and sold it.

01/05/14 11:57 AM #5    

Owen C. Phillips

What I remember most about graduation day was walking with Brenda Locke at graduation and I had a date with Mindy Staten that night. Of course, looking back now, I miss those days as they were carefree and fun loving. At some point we all had to grow up and earn a living, settle down and have families.

10/15/14 05:01 PM #6    

Elaine Higginbotham (Harris-Clarson)


Dear Friends

I am so sorry that my husband and I are not able to attend the fun weekend with old friends. Please know that I will be thinking of you all and reflecting on many special memories at Terry Parker.

My mother has been ill and is now residing with us.  Traveling does not come as easily as it once did so we will be planning on the next happening.

Have a great time and send wonderful pictures.



Elaine Clarson



10/15/14 05:30 PM #7    

Don Pollock (Pollock)

Thanks for the info!  Our best to your mother.  We hope to see you soon.




Don Pollock

10/16/14 03:16 PM #8    


Dean C. Hill

I was also disappointed we couldn't attend, since we also missed the 50th. I am determined attend the next reunion. Good Lord willing.




ps This is a great idea for keeping in touch.

08/09/18 08:29 PM #9    

Tom Buscemi

From Tom and Nancy (Ellis) Buscemi, we are sorry to have missed the 50th Reunion but in 2012, as the Director of the Camp Pendleton Battle Simulation Center, we were still busy training Marines.  

For Coaches Aaron Brown, Hal Boney, and in memory of Frazier Long, and to Jimm Scroggins, my fondest, yes, most deeply held, memory of Terry Parker are the two-a-day football practices in August.  They were brutal not so much for the pain encountered but because it was the first time you had to accomplish something that difficult and not quit.  I called Coach Brown about a year ago and told him the practices steeled me so much that nothing the Marine Corps nor VietNam threw at me coud deter me.  Just don't quit.

A comparison, crashing a helicopter is easy.  Shot down twice and tail rotor drive shaft failure at sea- it's over in an instant.  But when Coach Boney said, "Son, let me show you how to block.", I knew it was coming.  Having Coach Boney demonstrate, on me, how to block wasn't so bad - it was when the ground started shaking five yards before he hit you that got my attention.  You had a second or two to anticipate the hit.  Anyhow, my undying thanks to Aaron Brown, Hal Boney, and Frazier Long for their "instruction".  It was a life lesson that saved my life.

Enough sea stories, my best decision ever was to ask Nancy Ellis to marry me.  Accepting Nancy's invitation to the band banquet in 1960 was the best-ever decision I've ever made.  We don't have time to hear all the trauman and drama Nancy has endured in my Marine Corps career.  Lyrics from a song but, "I have loved you more dearly than the spoken word can say."

After 52 years with the Marine Corps: 66-86 active duty, 9 years defense contrator, and 18 years as director of the battle simulation center; I shall retire on 10 November 2018, the Marine Corps Birthday.

If he reads this, Herman Mayeaux, my hat will always be off to you - the infantry bore the brunt of the battle.  tom

07/22/19 11:57 AM #10    


Michael Dickson

The T-P song video says it cannot be played in my country. I am irate! This is discrimination against us Mexicans! I intend to file suit.

07/25/19 11:23 AM #11    

Don Pollock (Pollock)

Hello Michael:  We can have the Alma Mater translated into spanish, if that would resolve the problem.  However, it may be off key and out of tune. Maybe we could then sell the CD in Mexico and make a few Pesos.  Hasta la vista amigo!  Don Pollock

07/25/19 02:01 PM #12    


Michael Dickson

Thanks for the suggestion, but I'll just ride my burro with another tune. 

07/25/19 03:14 PM #13    

Don Pollock (Pollock)

What's the name of your burro?  Quadalupe or Belinda?

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